Academic References & Literature

Here are, in no particular order at this point, the papers I have collected to date for review. I need to get into the habit of updating this blog regularly. Earlier today I hosted my Lit Review Matrix on Scribd. In preparation for filling it out I'll begin by just listing the works as the lay on my desk:

High Performance Workplace Practices and Job Satisfaction: Evidence from Europe. Bauer, T.K.

Who Sees Human?: The Stability and Importance of Individual Difference in Anthropomorphism. Waytz, A., Cacioppo, J. & Epley, N.

On Seeing Human: A Three Factor Theory of Anthropomorphism. Epley, N., Waytz, A. & Cacioppo, J.

When We Need A Human: Motivational Determinants of Anthropomorphism. Epley, N., Waytz, A., Akalis, S. & Cacioppo, J.

Social Cognition Unbound: Insights into Anthropomorphism and Dehumanization. Waytz, A. Epley, N. & Cacioppo, J.T.

Defining "Culture" and "Organizational Culture". From Anthropology To The Office. Tharp, B.M.

Towards The Holy Grail of Defining 'Brand'. Chernatony, L.

Discovering Corporate Consciousness. Campion, M.A. & Palmer, D.K.

Brand Personality of Tourist Destinations: An Application of Self-Congruity Theory. Usakli, A. & Baloglu, S.

Towards New Conceptualizations of Branding: Theries of The Middle Range. Brodie, R.J. & Chernatony, L.

Exploring Origins of Ethical Company/Brand Perceptions: Reply To Shea and Cohn's Commentaries. Brunk, K.H.

Measuring Customer Based Brand Equity Using Heriarchical Bayes Methodology. Sinha, A., Ashill, N.J. & Gazley, A.

Towards a Better Understanding of Factors Affecting Transfer of Brand Associations. Boisvert, J. & Burton, S.

When Brands Get Banned. Huber, F., Vogel, J. & Meyer, F.

The Semiotics of Brand. Manning, P.

Commentary Essay on "Exploring Origins of Ethical Company/Brand Perceptions - A Consumer Perspective of Corporate Ethics". Cohn, D.Y.

Concepts And Constructs For Personal Branding: An Exploratory Literature Review Approach. Zarkada, A.

Using Intelligent Agents To Understand Organisational Behavior. Celia, H., Clegg, C., Robinson, M.A., Siebers, P.O. & Sprigg, C.

Information Sharing and Team Performance: A Meta-Analysis. Mesmer-Magnus, J.R. & DeChurch, L.A.

Predicting Work Performance Through Selection Interview Ratings And Psychological Assessment. Nzama, L., De Beer, M. & Visser, D.

A Critique Of The Strategic Competative Intelligent Process Within A Global Energy Multinational. April, K. & Bessa, J.

Methodologies, Objectives, And Issues Involved In Identifying Occupational Clusters Using Skills-Based Data. Harvey, R.J.

Empirical Foundations For The Things-Data-People Taxonomy of Work. Harvey, R.J.

Networking Network Analysts: How INSNA (the International Network for Social Network Analysis) Came To Be. Wellman, B.

Introduction To Social Network Analysis. Wasserman, S.

Smart Mobs: The Next Social Revolution: Transforming Cultures And Communities In The Age Of Instant Access. Sloan-C Book Review.

Prosocial Behavior and Job Performance: Does The Need For Control And The Need For Achievement Make A Difference? Baruch, Y., O'Creevy, M.F., Hind, P. & Vigoda-Gadot, E.

Leader Career Success & Locus of Control Expectancy. April, K., Dharani, B. & Peters, K.

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